Who is dron.ba?
Although our name often binds to driving drones, we offer our customers much more than just that.
We are specialized in all types of video and photography, digital marketing, as well as 360 ° multimedia content, and we offer our clients:
– Video commercials
– Corporative video
– Promotional videos
– Documentary promo videos
– Video animations
– Aerial / Drone
– 360 virtual reality videos and photos
– Authorized music
 We are a young and innovative company and our videos contain latest trends in the world and we recommend our clients different concepts of filming such as:
1. Timelapse
2. Hyperlapse
3. Stopmotion
4. Flowmotion, and many others.
Facebook and Instagram marketing
If you need a facebook or instagram advert expert we are the best option for you. Our experts have great knowledge of social networking as well as digital marketing, and they can enhance your business and bring you new customers. Wait, didn’t you hear about us and find us the same way?
 Our mission is to combine knowledge, experience and creativity with customer desires and markets needs, using the latest technology and modern principles of recording and editing.
We pay special attention to our post-production section where, along with video and photo editing, sound and tone editing, so we can offer our clients authorized music for each type of video.
We like to do beautiful and happy stories. We like to bring a smile on your face but also on faces of your clients, because we put all our hearts into every single project that we do.
You still haven’t decide if we are the right company for the job you need?
They have: N1, TRT World, Messer, Hering, ITC, TIKA, ALBA, JP Ceste Federacije, Civilna zaštita, UNDP, MUP ZDK, BHRT, RMLH, Bosnalijek, ROX, Dance World Cup, BH Pošte, Red Bull, Reuters, UEFA, Univerzitet u Zenici, ZEPS, Zenicablog, FK Željezničar, Via Dinarica, SKI Centar Ponijeri, Hoše, BHANSA, ASGroup

W: video.ba / dron.ba
E: info@dron.ba
T: +387 61 263 283
FB: www.facebook.com/video.dron.ba

ID broj: 4320002070005

PDV broj: 320002070005

Sberbank BH d.d. transakcijski račun: 1406011120022893

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